STATEMENT “Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Out The Crimes Committed by USA, Israel, UK and NATO”

March 8, 2022 By John Off
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Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Out The Crimes Committed by USA, Israel, UK and NATO

“100% Agreed.

I am all for going after Putin for War crimes, if, AND ONLY IF, we first address the back log of Despots who have caused unimaginable death and suffering in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq (War 1 and 2), Libya and Afghanistan.

Once all of the Mortherfuckers who have funded and started ILLEGAL AND ILLEGITIMATE WARS/CONFLICTS in the above mentioned countries are brought to Justice – then, and only then will we have the moral mandate to go after Putin and Russia.

Until then – take every useless oxygen thief at the United Nations who continues to draw a 6-figure pay cheque – line them up against a wall, and fucking shoot them! At least we’ll be “REDUCING THE WORLDS FUCKING CARBON FOOTPRINT”!!”

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