What you didn’t know about our President Donald John Trump. Because they hid it from you!

June 2, 2022 By John Off
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What you didn’t know about our President Donald John Trump. Because they hid it from you!

“Trump is standing in the way of The Great Reset. This is a riveting, fast-paced, and emotional documentary through just the last 4 years. President Trump got the world leaders to capitulate from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican, The Queen, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, the Davos crowd, and more. Let’s take you back to where the real fight happened and show you the history made with research from 3days3nights, Charlie Freak, Sam Kesterson of BardsFM, and more. Q140”

From the original shorter posting on youtube …
More about Q. You were intentionally left out of the loop. So was America!
This is not my production. It’s a PBS. The “networks” refused to air it. PBS is Public Broadcasting Station. You are the public. I broadcast it. We are the Republic! The Q drops predicted the future two years in advance with military precision. Military Intelligence? Military AI? Hmmmm. Someone has been keeping secrets!

Davis Mize posted this in the comments section on Youtube:
PBS paid for it. “Networks” refused to air it because of the Russia Hoax. The hoax labeled him and no one would offer any positive airtime for a Russian patsy (which we know is a lie). Now, we have a CCP patsy and you will not find a network that will get behind that label as the laptop proved prior to the fraudulent Election. I’m not monetized. I presented this as my civic duty. I will be removed. Someone will need to help get this out.


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