WAR BEGAN! Russian warships came close to NATO naval bases

February 26, 2022 By John Off
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WAR BEGAN! Russian warships came close to NATO naval bases

Russian warships have successfully taken control of NATO naval bases. A few hours ago, Russian warships were spotted about 100 kilometers from the Greek island of Crete, where numerous military bases of NATO countries are located. Russian warships managed to approach the island of Crete without hindrance, despite the fact that there are numerous NATO ships in the area.

This indicates that the Alliance is not ready to take such steps, knowing full well that in response to any provocation, an extremely harsh response from Russia will follow. Two days ago, NATO ships tried to stage a provocation during the exercises of the Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea, trying to conduct electronic and electronic intelligence, and also, very likely, using electronic warfare.

However, after the Russian missile cruisers drove off the NATO ships, the Alliance does not dare to take such steps again. Experts note that despite the fact that Russian warships are actually operating in the backyard of NATO, no violations or provocations of the Russian fleet were noticed, since the exercises are conducted in international waters without interfering with navigation. A few hours ago, Russian bombers also practiced strikes against NATO forces in the Mediterranean, flying for many hours over the region.

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