Trump: “knew that Juliani often told lies and evil spirits”

July 8, 2021 By John 0
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From Business Insider’s views.

Tsi Trump’s words after guessing at his book “Landslide: The Final Days of Trump Trump” journalist Michael Wolf.

Winning the negative image of Julianna from Trump’s assistants and the ex-president himself.

“When you vibrate Trump, I think about those who, if Rudi VIP is stupid, then you can say a lot of nonsense … Ale Rudi is dependent on him if he is ready to fight for Trump. On a new one you can bulo rozrahovuvati, I know that it’s not okay. І to visit free of charge pratsyuvatime “, – go to the bottom.

For the words of the author, Trump’s assistants were negatively put before Juliana. The stench was respected, so that it is not in accordance with the rosum, but now “living in the bochtsi” that little by little is old. However, if you want to go straight to Trump, if you try to get away with the presidential officials, take the transfer to the Oval Office to the New York exporter.

“Zakhidniy krilli panuvalo has not just the peace of mind of Rudi, but a glimpse of the image and hatred of the past. Everything that Rudi was torn to with was lost to the cat … It was important to know butt who was in Trump’s work, if she didn’t think she didn’t speak so richly, ”the author wrote.

Wall Street Journal journalist Michael Bender wrote about the analogy of Trump’s put on that last month before Julian. He wrote about those who Trump was smithey with Julian, because he often zasipav for an hour of sound, and when televised interviews called the lawyer “weak shmarkach”.

Juliani “idiotom” by calling Trump’s lawyer Michael Coen.

“Rudi – idiot. Why is the problem … Win is a bit messy … It’s unstable to get around, but unprecedented, but the FBI can be found on their phones and computers, ”- vazha Coen.

Julian was dismissed from the legal practice in the state of New York for those who were prompted by fakes about Donald Trump’s success at the presidential elections in the fall of leaves in 2020.

Washington, DC, has been honored with the decision of the team’s lawyer license for Rudolph Julian, an attorney for 45th US President Donald Trump.

Yak vidomo, Rudi Juliani will prod more than one rock with a special attorney of Donald Trump and brave to take an active part in the processes of scoring the results of the presidential elections in 2020.

Earlier, the details of the lawyer of the Colonel President of the United States Donald Trump Rudolph Julian appeared with the head of the Office of President Andriy Urmak at 2019. Julian called the President’s Office in order to discuss the possibility of engaging Ukraine with the election of the President of the United States in 2016, and also to discuss the possibility of further investigation of a specific provision. For an hour, ask Trump’s representative asking Zelensky about the “service” to renew the investigation, ask against Hunter Biden, Sean Joe Biden.
Also, the bullet was published on the basis of the stenogram of Dzhuliani and Urmak. Vona vidbulasya on 22 April 2019 to rock, trivala 39 khilin.
In equal fate, the federal prosecutors of New York held a newsletter of email accounts, which should belong to the general Attorney General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenk and two other Ukrainians, as part of the investigation of the one who ruled the United States under the law.

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