The Real Agenda Behind Transgenderism

April 13, 2022 By John Off
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Transhumanism has been a long haul goal of the parasite technocrats, going back to the turn on the century in the early 1900s. I am the founder of AKASHIC ENERGY and will be publishing our AI manifesto ‘ Keeping Natural Human Code Supreme’ , along with a agency that champions for technology that enables more freedom, not for more control.

Although, these psychopaths now have their hands on the levers of Transhumansim where they can mimic the genetic code of life with goals to destroy the original by advanced nano and synthetic biology and genetics, there are many like myself whom work in technology whom are developing new decentralized web3 systems that will take some of the control out their hands and give it back to humanit .

I am not naive to believe we can outright stop them, nor can we stall the quickening of AI and virtualization, but we CAN create parallel systems and alternative societies that celebrate what it is to be human. After all nature is the greatest technology of them all. Humanity is at a bifurcation and I reckon it to be similar to the antediluvian days of Noah, and those who molest God’s natural code by their ignorance of our true cosmology of consciousness and light will never win in the end, as Love and truth conquers all. We plan on giving them more then they bargained for. Become who your are and life life not by lies.


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