May 9, 2022 By John Off
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This is a very interesting subject, something that I only came to study a few years ago, the excellent Mr.E has done a superb job in exposing the “TRANS-VERSAL” of the world order elite’s and the astonishing system that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries, if not thousands of years. It is also where the recent push of the Luciferian governments & famous elites to raise children as gender neutral or trans, THIS is where that agenda comes from, it’s right out of the Jewish Kabb-alah!

Kabbalistic Jews believe that God created Adam and Eve as a hermaphrodite, as in BOTH were co-joined as one, thus they also believe that God has a feminine side, which is the direction that the blasphemous work of the Satanic novel, the “shack” was penned!

The Androgyny ideology is very much alive and kicking in this 21st Century, the transversal religious system of the wealthy Kabbalists has received a lot of attention this past decade as more people began to grasp that things aren’t quite what they seem with regards to high profile figureheads, including Royalty, Movie, Music & sports celebrities, as well as the richest families on this earth, including presidents, high level politicians etc.

The basis of their astonishing religious belief is that God is Androgynous which is why they also believe that he created Adam & Eve in his image, making them one person with male & female parts. So, these people raise their children as transversals, boys as girls & girls as boys.

This may be difficult to wrap your head around this at first but some thorough research into this subject & the truth will be revealed, testosterone treatment makes it almost impossible to differentiate a FTM “Female To Male” from an actual male unless the defining skeletal differences are examined closely.

I have seen video evidence that many of the leading female music celebrities are trannies, a few examples would be Lady GAGA who has male appendages that were clearly seen on several videos, others would be Cardi B, Nicky Minaj, Gwen Stafani, Cher & many many more, however not all still have their male appendages.

I know this may sound crazy to some people out there who may not have encountered this before, but Jewish Kabbalists own the movie and music industries and THEY decide who becomes famous and who doesn’t, it is also believed that they raise many trans celebs for this very purpose.

They probably get a kick out of straight males lusting after a transvestite & a straight female lusting after a trans female, this is how the Satanic elite operate, if you do enough research into this it will become apparent!


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