Thai Twitch Streamer, a day in the life, 3rd dose, do I sound like I am sick?

September 14, 2022 By John Off
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Thai Twitch Streamer, a day in the life, 3rd dose, do I sound like I am sick?

Keth unfortunately isn’t connecting the dots here. Is it any wonder since the truth is heavily censored.
I thought this video may wake up some.Those of us awake will see the early warning signs.
We know that each consecutive injection lowers the immune system, the sore throat, runny nose and sneezing, is a sign of that.
Her recently installed air conditioning unit is what is blamed. Perhaps it played a small part.
These injections do not even do what they say they do, in fact quite the opposite.

As she walks along the streets she notices the local crematorium is currently burning another dead person…

I think she is missing all the signs around her, a very good example of the ‘strong delusion’.
I hope Keth connects the dots and stops taking these poison injections, before it is too late.
This is her 3rd jab btw. Sadly from what we re learning it is this particular 3rd dose which can cause a lot of health issues.


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