Swalwell Spent Tens Of Thousands Of Campaign Cash On Booze, Hotels, Report

July 21, 2021 By John 0
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Democrat California Rep. Eric Swalwell is caught in yet another scandal as he has been caught, apparently, spending tens of thousands of campaign dollars on alcohol, limos and at least $20,000 on luxury hotels where his wife used to work.

According to the FEC records reviewed by Fox News, Swalwell spent more than $10,000 on rides in luxury vehicles and limousines as well as around $26,000 on luxury hotels in the second quarter.

More than $20,000 of the campaign funds that were spent at luxury hotels went to the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, where Swalwell’s wife was the director of sales of the hotel according to her LinkedIn profile until 2019.

The California congressman dropped $566 on “Food & Beverage” through the alcohol delivery service Drizly in nine separate orders ranging from $5.79 to $124.86. Additionally, Swalwell spent $1,151 on “Refreshments” from seven trips to Capitol Hill Wine and Spirits, a liquor store local to the House side of the U.S. Capitol, and almost $4,400 at two California wineries on the same day for “Catering” and “Refreshments.”

While the payments to the wineries could have come from a campaign event, it is not clear that the seven charges at the Capitol Hill liquor store and nine Drizly charges were campaign-related.

The FEC records reveal the California Democrat’s campaign spent over $7,000 at luxury restaurants and steakhouses in D.C. In addition, Swalwell appears to have sat down for 13 in-person meals at Charlie Palmer Steak, O-Ku Sushi, STK Steakhouse at the Downtown New York City location and other high-end eateries.

This comes after news that Swalwell, his wife and entourage took an all expense paid trip to Qatar paid for by the U.S.-Qatar Business Council, which is described as “dedicated exclusively to enhancing the bilateral business relationship between the U.S. and Qatar.”

“When is enough enough with this clown? He can sleep with a Chinese Spy, Lie on TV nonstop, use campaign funds for booze & limos, shit himself on national TV and he’s still on the Intel Comittee. WTF?!?” Donald Trump Jr. said on Twitter.

“Swalwell was always such an awkward goober that I kind of felt bad for him. This just reinforces my thinking. He’s a dork. A lifelong dork who all of a sudden had access to money, booze, and Chinese hookers. He couldn’t handle it,” Jesse Kelly said.

Swalwell bragged that Fox News and The New York Post had to “retract” their headlines because they were false, but a close look at the headlines shows what was technically incorrect, and it was not the bulk to the story.

The original headline on Fox News read “Swalwell spent thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limo services, $20K at hotel where his wife works,” indicating that his wife currently works at the hotel. The new headline reads “Swalwell spent thousands of campaign dollars on booze and limo services, $20K at hotel where his wife worked,” indicating that show no longer works there.

The original New York Post headline read “Rep. Eric Swalwell’s campaign spent big on booze, limos, wife’s hotel: records,” whereas the current headline reads “Rep. Eric Swalwell’s campaign spent big on booze, limos, luxury hotel: records,” again eliminating his wife working at the hotel.


Source: https://conservativebrief.com/


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