FULL SHOW: Klaus Schwab Announces Global Takeover By World Elites to Open WEF/WHO Convention

May 24, 2022 By John Off
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FULL SHOW: Klaus Schwab Announces Global Takeover By World Elites to Open WEF/WHO Convention.

As the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization both meet in Switzerland to plot world domination, reporters are being rounded up by secret police with what appear to be skull and crossbow badges on their arms. The leaders of these summits are bragging about how they plan to conquer humanity. They don’t even hide it anymore. Meanwhile, in Biden’s America, the crises continue to pile up. From the supply chain crisis to the bayb formula shortage to the upcoming food and gas shortages, America is about to get hit with a haymaker from Biden and the Democrat party policy. Most Americans won’t know what hit them, or perhaps they are finally figuring it out. Josh Lekach is studio reviewing the latest from the groomers posing as teachers. Allison Royal joins as well to discuss her journey leaving the corporate media and going independent.


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