Dinesh D’Souza Explains Why The Biden Administration is Rejecting Cuban Refugees

August 2, 2021 By John 0
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The Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing Cuban crisis, which has seen thousands take to the streets to protest against the communist Cuban regime in the name of freedom, leaves much to be desired.

To that end, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza has outlined the Biden administration’s “twisted treatment” of the Cubans, explaining why the administration is sending back Cuban victims of political prosecution who show up by sea. In short, it’s politically motivated.

“According to Breitbart, 27 Cuban rafters just came on two boats this week. And these are so-called “balseros” or rafters. This is part of what’s, people fleeing after the major protests in July, in Cuba, in dozens of cities, dozens of municipalities, demanding an end to state sponsored violence,” D’Souza begins.

“Now it’s very dangerous for these people to leave the communist society in Cuba. This is characteristic of communist countries. It doesn’t allow people to leave. They force you to stay and they especially force you if you’re a professional, if you’re a doctor, you can’t leave. Why? Because they want to pay you what, $10 a month to practice medicine there,” he added.

They don’t want you to have more opportunities anywhere else. Journalists can’t leave. Dissidents can’t leave. And so for the US government to send these people back is to send them probably to the risk of detention, torture, perhaps even death. So the Biden people they’re, they’re doing this knowingly. Remember too that we have refugee laws that qualify people to come as political refugees and the Cuban case couldn’t be more clear cut.

So we’re sending back eligible refugees.

Meanwhile, as you know, the Southern border is basically open and hoards of people. In fact, 600,000 people already, and that’s a conservative count since Biden’s inauguration have come through. Now probably the majority of those are Mexican, but a lot of Salvadorians and Nicaraguans, but it’s not just central America.

Haitians come through. Africans come through. Asians come through. Chinese come through. So this is a policy of letting a whole bunch of people in wild keeping these specific Cuban out. Now, what possible reason can there be for this double standard? Let’s look at what Alejandro Mayorkas said, the of the Department of Homeland Security, says about this.


First of all, he says, we stand in solidarity with the Cuban people, a completely meaningless statement. We stand in solidarity as if you standing alongside them. But the key is that he’s not doing anything to help them. The pretense is that all of this is for the security of the Cubans.

I’m now quoting the statement by the coast guard, “The transit is dangerous and unforgiving.”

And now here’s Mayorkas. “Our priority is to preserve and save lives. The time is never right to attempt migration by sea. To those who risk their lives doing so the risk is not worth taking.”

But who’s he to decide? These are people willing to risk their own life, obviously to them, the risk is worth taking, but then Mayorkas gets to the bottom line, quote, “Allow me to be clear. If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.”

So he’s going to block them, even if they’re willing to risk their lives to flee to freedom. Now, again, it can’t be simply because he cares about the risk to their lives, because if you go to the southern border, you see, all those people are taking huge risks.

I mean, there are drug cartels involved. There’s sex trafficking involved. There’s gangs involved. There are little children whose lives are in danger. There are people who mortgaged their lives to try to get across the border, and then they owe money to the gangs and to the cartels. So they’re taking tremendous risks.

It’s not as if my focus has sort of has this humanitarian concern. No, he’s willing to allow those guys to come through on the southern border while blocking these guys. And the reason it has to be deeper than, simply a kind of worry about the safety of the Cubans.

Now, I think to understand more deeply what’s going on, we have to turn to what happened. In the Obama years, you might remember that famous photo where Obama went to a baseball game with Raul Castro. And that was a very significant meeting. Why? Because as soon as Obama came back, US policy changed. US policy was essentially, before that if you’re a Cuban and somehow by hook or by crook, you ended up in the United States, you were allowed to stay because it was understood why you were leaving, but Obama stopped that. He repealed the policy that allowed Cubans to remain in the US legally, if they somehow made landfall here.

Now let’s think of what Obama’s motive is because I think the motive of the Biden administration is the same. One obvious motive is that the left does not want anticommunists to come to this country. They don’t. They want immigrants, but they don’t want a certain type of immigrant. They want don’t want immigrants who are likely to vote Republican.

They know what happened in Miami this last time around, they know that Florida tips so heavily in the Republican camp in part because of the Cuban votes. So that’s their first motive. But it’s not their sole motive. There’s a second motive. What’s that? Well for Obama, it was very clear: to prop up the Cuban regime.

In other words, if the United States genuinely stands in solidarity with Cuban dissidents, genuinely puts pressure on Cuba, genuinely motivates the Cuban people to rise up. Who knows where that could lead. Like the Castro brothers are now gone. This could in fact lead to a weakening if not toppling of the regime.

So you’ll see how the left, although it kind of talks out of two sides of its mouth. “Oh, we’re very upset about… we’re very concerned about the fate of the Venezuelan people. We stand with the Venezuelan people,” but do you do nothing to weaken the Maduro regime. “We stand with the people of Cuba,” but you do nothing to weaken the communist regime in Cuba.

So here we have a policy, I think cynically designed simultaneously to protect left-wing regimes. Left-wing authoritarian regimes around the world. While at the same time, keeping brave anticommunist lovers of freedom out of the United States.

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