Bank robber jumps the counter to rob the bank and gets shot and shot and shot-here is the problem

September 24, 2022 By John Off
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Bank robber jumps the counter to rob the bank and gets shot and shot and shot-here is the problem.

In many states if the shooter was a civilian who was carrying and continued to shoot someone who is fleeing…they would be charged with a crime up to and including murder. I don’t care how many times the security guard shot the dude, I am just saying lets have a level playing field here.

I see video after video where a small army of cops are shooting someone 10, 20, 50 times even after they are laying on the ground. Where is the cut off here? Just saying. And don’t tell me tried by 12 or carried by six. All that says to me is you have no idea of how our criminal commercial courts work under Admiralty Maritime Law.


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